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Welcome to the future!

This high tech LED bulb is tuned to the same spectrum as the SUNLIGHT, giving you a blend of colors nearly identical to Solar Radiation

The eyes and skin BOTH have photoreceptors sensitive to blue light which effects the circadian rhythm of the body. This means blue light exposure to the eyes and/or THE SKIN, can produce energy PRODUCING EFFECTS from Serotonin, and Dopamine! This helps to uplift the mood, heighten alertness, and increase focus. In the winter months, it is hard to get enough sunlight and SAD rates go into the MILLIONS nationwide. This is the ideal SOLAR SUPPLEMENT to prevent these seasonal effects from occuring Use this amazing light bulb to improve alertness, mood and the circadian rhythm!


Color Temperature: 4000K

Watts: 7 Watts

Brightness: 800 Lumens

Voltage: 80-220 Volts


Premium AC-39 lens paired with extremely durable Polycarbonate frames. Durable, Flexible Metal Springs

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Care Instructions

Use our microfiber cloth and eyewear cleaner that is LENS COATING PROTECTIVE. We offer Koala Cleaner as a chemical-free, streak-free cleaner that protects the coating on our glasses.

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Blue Light Source

It is hard to escape artificial blue light nowadays. Even on a full moon, the light from streetlights, buildings and cars rivals that of our ancient satellite.

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