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NEXGEN EMF 5G Phone Case

NEXGEN EMF 5G Phone Case

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Protect yourself against harmful radiation emitted from cell phones by using the convenient and portable NEXGEN EMF blocking case for your phone – at home, office, car, or while traveling. This advanced phone case made of copper fabric blocks up to 99.9% of 3GHz 5G radiation, enabling you to stay free of RF waves that pose risk to your health. Protecting yourself with this 5G radiation shielding device is not optional! Stay free of harmful radiation by buying one today!

Product features

- Blocks harmful radiation – protects you from up to 3 GHz RF waves emitted from phones.

- Protects smartcards from hackers – blocks hackers’ RFID readers & scanners of up to 3GHz.

- Block phone’s GPS tracking device – prevents access to your phone’s privacy by shielding it from being hacked. Prevents information leakage!

- Water-resistant – uses advanced waterproof technology to make water slips off it.
- Durable – Made of high-quality material to give it a long lifespan.

Convenient and portable – plain yet fashionable design with simple appearance, appropriate to carry anywhere.


Premium AC-39 lens paired with extremely durable Polycarbonate frames. Durable, Flexible Metal Springs

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Care Instructions

Use our microfiber cloth and eyewear cleaner that is LENS COATING PROTECTIVE. We offer Koala Cleaner as a chemical-free, streak-free cleaner that protects the coating on our glasses.

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Blue Light Source

It is hard to escape artificial blue light nowadays. Even on a full moon, the light from streetlights, buildings and cars rivals that of our ancient satellite.

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