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These premium glasses block 99% of harmful blue light (400 nm-500 nm) from entering your eyes.

As a result, these glasses can

(1) increase melatonin levels

(2) Promote sleep

(3) Prevent technology related headaches and migraines

(4) Properly retune your circadian rhythms

Melatonin is a vital hormone that decreases with age! These glasses are a great way to stimulate production of this antioxidant, and sleep promoting agent.

Also, adolescent melatonin levels are suppressed more than adults in response to blue light exposure. This can have harmful effects on sleep and development. These glasses are a safe way to prevent melatonin suppression and promote a good night's rest.

Melatonin suppression by blue light is linked to cardiovascular issues, insulin resistance, sleep disturbances (insomnia), immune system suppression, and psychological disorders.

Increase production of this vital hormone and retune your circadian rhythms to take your health to another level this year!


- Premium AC-39 lenses. High quality and increases visual clarity

- Durable Polycarbonate frames that are flexible and contour to your head shape

- Blocks 99.3% of blue, violet and cyan light that has been proven to disrupt your circadian rhythms and melatonin production

- Lab verified and certified

Includes a microfiber bag, cloth, and durable case

 Check out our NEXGEN NFT'S for more benefits with your glasses!


Premium AC-39 lens paired with extremely durable Polycarbonate frames. Durable, Flexible Metal Springs

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Care Instructions

Use our microfiber cloth and eyewear cleaner that is LENS COATING PROTECTIVE. We offer Koala Cleaner as a chemical-free, streak-free cleaner that protects the coating on our glasses.

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Blue Light Source

It is hard to escape artificial blue light nowadays. Even on a full moon, the light from streetlights, buildings and cars rivals that of our ancient satellite.

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