BLUE LIGHT from Phone, Computer, Tablet, and TV Screens has been shown to have negative effects on HEALTH, ranging from causing sleep problems to eye damage. Our NEXGEN BLUE LIGHT GLASSES block 99.3% of harmful blue light to prevent these potential health issues from occurring. This is done through our specially tuned lenses. Listed below are the optical features that set our glasses above the rest of the competition:
1.) Orange Lens: Our Orange lenses block most violet, blue and green light. This results in a low transmission of this potentially harmful light through the lenses to your eyes.
2.) Lens Coatings: We utilize multiple coatings for a superior visual experience including:
    • Blue/Green Light Blocking Coating: Further blocks harmful Blue/Green Light
    • Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating: Prevents annoying reflections off the eye-side of the lens
    • Anti-Fog (AF) Coating: Prevents Fogging of the Lenses from multiple sources
    3.) CR-39 Lens: These lenses provide superior visual clarity, allowing you to see objects at a higher definition
    • Lab-tested to Block 99.3% of Harmful Blue Light 
    • Filter nearly 100% of Blue light between 400-500 nm, protecting the wearer from many negative health effects.
    • Blue Light between 445-477 nm has been shown for over 2 decades to suppress melatonin production at night in humans. This can cause numerous health issues from sleep problems to disrupting the circadian rhythm.
    • PHOTOCHEMICAL Damage in the eye can occur at sufficient intensity from blue light. This light often reacts with cells to produce HARMFUL BY-PRODUCTS (Reactive Oxygen Species). These harmful byproducts can instantly damage the Retina (back of the eye), or accumulate, causing oxidative stress, which is a risk-factor for multiple eye conditions (AMD, Cataracts). 
      4.) Phone, Tablet, TV and Computer Screen Protection
            • Most Screen Devices emit the most light in the BLUE SPECTRUM between 450-460nm. This is in the area shown to cause sleep problems and eye damage.
            • Our NEXGEN BLUE LIGHT GLASSES block almost 100% of blue light in this spectrum, preventing these health effects.
        • NIGHT-TIME: Simply Wear 2 hours before sleep
          • Blue Light Glasses are best used at night to protect the eyes and promote the proper CIRCADIAN RHYTHM
          • Our lenses will make blue light 'invisible' since they will not reach your eye. In effect your body will increase melatonin production, helping you go to sleep
        • DAYTIME: Wear during long sessions in front of SCREEN DEVICES
          • Office Workers, Students, Gamers, and Night Owls spend a large amount of time in front of blue light emitting screens
          • Wearing Blue Light Glasses will prevent eye damage during the day, while allowing melatonin production at night
        • Outside: We recommend not to wear the NEXGEN BLUE LIGHT GLASSES outside. The sun emits BENEFICIAL BLUE LIGHT, which helps with your wakefulness, alertness, mood, and circadian rhythm
        • Ideal Use: Use them inside while in front of a screen device or at night for the best Results
      This is a basic overview of our glasses and the science behind its health effects. Stay updated with our blogs for more in depth information and new technology we have down the pipeline!